Ladies and gentlemen,

Please forgive me but, I have not been professionally trained for jukeboxes! I was born too late to be in any sort of training by the manufacturers prior to 1980. I simply realized that there was a high demand for a repair tech since there are no more available between El Monte and San Francisco. So I decided to try and teach myself using what resources I could find. I do have some good experience with them now (Seeburg, Rockola, and the Wurlitzer "One More Time" editions and newer I can do. However prior models of Wurlitzer, lets just say I don't like them the slightest) and I can generally repair most minor problems. But when it comes to larger problems, because of their complexity, repairing these old pieces of time is like repairing an old Volkswagen. Once you fix one part, you may discover another problem. It may take a long time to repair yours, since parts are very far and few to find. So don't call me 10 days before you are going to throw a party and expect a miracle.

REMEMBER THESE ARE OLD MACHINES. Some have taken MONTHS to repair, and some may not be repairable even after a lot of service has already been done.  I may not be able to fix your machine, and if I can't, you will still be liable to pay for service time! Reminder: If you have a Wurlitzer, be prepared to spend a lot of money repairing it. They generally need extensive care.

Thank you,

Alan Neuman

updated 11-03-2016